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Engineering for a sustainable future

GPSS Engineering is the Group's EPC subsidiary, specializing in sustainable energy engineering. We have rich experience in the design, construction and day-to-day running of Geothermal, Hydro, PV and Biogas Plants. With an emphasis on constant innovation, our engineers pride themselves on delivering high-quality power plants at a low cost.

In Taiwan, GPSS ENGINEERING Inc is represented by GPSS Taiwan and will be involved in following areas.



1. Planning/Technical Support

GPSS Engineering, in cooperation with the specialist energy teams can provide initial technical support for project screening, risk evaluation and stakeholder engagement.

2. FRONT-END Engineering Design

Front End Engineering Design (FEED) is the feasibility study of basic engineering to obtain an estimate of the project cost and technical difficulties of the project.

3. Detailed Design / Procurement (EP)

In the EP phase, GPSS Engineering provides detailed design and procurement services.

4. Construction Management

During construction, GPSS Engineering’s CM teams will coordinate with the various contractors, keeping the project on schedule as well as controlling quality and costs.

5. O&M

GPSS Engineering provides operational training, O&M planning and removal monitoring services.

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