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Equipment Sales and Procurement

We supply our clients in Taiwan with binary power generators for the geothermal energy projects and offer a turnkey biogas and biomethane powerplants through our overseas partnerships concluded with GDI and JBM.

1. GDI Equipment Procurement


EXERGY is a world leader in binary generators.
Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) systems are used for power production from low to medium temperature heat sources in the range of 80 to 350 °C and for small-medium applications at any temperature level. This technology allows for exploitation of low-grade heat that otherwise would be wasted. The working principle of an Organic Rankine Cycle power plant is same as the most widely used process for power generation, the Clausius-Rankine Cycle.
The main difference is the use of organic substances instead of water (steam) as working fluid. The organic working fluid has a lower boiling point and a higher steam pressure than water and is therefore able to use low temperature heat sources to produce electricity. The organic fluid is chosen to best fit the heat source according to their differing thermodynamic properties, thus obtaining higher efficiencies of both cycle and expander.

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The PC280 was designed and manufactured by a major US jet engine manufacturer that requires the highest level of safety and stability as a binary generator specializing in geothermal energy. It has already been used as a mass-produced generator in many parts of the world for many years. It is one of the few generators that has been proven to have a stable and high operating rate.

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2. JBM Partnership with BTS biogas

JBM Partnership with BTS Biogas

JBM has an exclusive partnership agreement with the Italian biogas company BT Biogas GmbH/Srl (BTS), allowing the two parties to jointly tap into Japan’s and Taiwan’s large renewable energy needs, capitalizing on the strengths and history of both JBM and BTS, which boasts a large share of the global market in the field of biogas technology and services.

Strengths of BTS

● Guarantees available for energy output
● On-going R&D for the continuous improvement of biology and technology services
● 29 International PATENTS

BTS Roles in Japan/Taiwan Projects

● JBM has the ownership of the project management for biogas plants on-site
● BTS offers optimal turnkey engineering for each project and EPC and supervises the test run
● Operation and maintenance provide continuous support

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