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GPSS (Grid Parity for Sustainable Society) is our name, and our Vision.
We strive to produce safe energy.
Energy that comes from the renewable resources we have around us,
Energy that does not rely on imports.
The sustainable society we envision - it starts with us.

GPSS Taiwan is a subsidiary of GPSS Holdings, working for the global movement of sustainable energy in Taiwan.

* Grid Parity : Where generation costs from sustainable energy are equal to or lower than traditional costs.
Our companyʼs name, GPSS, symbolizes our desire and vision to create a truly sustainable society through achieving “grid parity”, where renewable energy costs are equal to or lower than traditional generation costs.


Group employees


Number of employees as of June 1, 2022

GPSS Holdings Inc. Capital


million yen

Group Companies


  • Investment into sustainable energy
  • Sustainable energy project creation and management
  • Management of investments into sustainable energy
  • Engineering of sustainable energy plants (design, procurement & construction)
  • Surveying of sustainable energy resources
  • Electricity trading
  • Solutions for enhancing power infrastructure resilience, such as microgrids and
    energy storage;construction of regional autonomous power systems on remote islands


Takahiro KURATA

Representative Board Director & CEO GPSS Taiwan Co., Ltd.

Received degree in Physics from Tokyo University of Science, Advanced Management Programme of INSEAD(Fontainebleau) and Renewables of Green Power Academy(London), and was employed as a rates derivative trader for Merrill Lynch and as a fund manager at Merrill Lynch’s Hedge Fund, based in both Tokyo and New York, holding the position of head of rates trading for 20 years. Also worked as an advisor of Mr. Eitaro Itoyama (senior Senator with 29 years in office and Forbes ranker) and as a board member of Mr. Itoyama’s organization for more than 5 years. After retiring from Bank of America Merrill Lynch, joined and formed the GPSS Group in order to raise the rate of energy self-efficiency in Japan, as well as in similar island nation states, by utilizing a combination of renewable energy (photovoltaic, geothermal, hydro, wind as well as biogas power) and serves as head of business in the group.

Bright RU

Managing Director GPSS Taiwan Co., Ltd.

  • Taiwan Provincial Taichung First Senior High School (Taiwan)
  • National Chang Kung University (NCKU) Foreign Languages and Literatures

40 years of experience working for traditional industries,
semiconductor industries and renewable energy business.


2020 November

Track Record:
Solar power plant : 137
Geothermal power plant : 2
GPSS Holdings Inc. attains a 5-Star GRESB, the highest Rating

2020 July

First Green Bond issuance, GPSS Holdings Inc.

2020 June

GDI enter into sales agency contract with LU-VE GROUP

2020 May

GDI enter into sales agency contract with Nanjing TICA Thermal Technology

2020 April

JBM enter into partnership contract with BTS

2020 March

GPSS Holdings Inc. enter into a capital and business alliance with JA Mitsui Leasing, Ltd.

2019 December

JWS enter into sales agency contract with AQSYSTEM

2019 November

Establishment of KTM Infrastructure Corporation

Establishment of GPSS Taiwan Co., Ltd

Decision is made to transform GPSS into a holdings company, with the aim of furthering growth:

The following company structure established: 
GPSS Holdings Inc.

GPSS Engineering Inc.

Sustainable Society Investment Management (SSIM) Inc.

KTM Infrastructure Corporation

Geothermal Development & Investment Inc.

Japan Wind-Power Service Inc.

Japan Hydro-Power Development Inc.

Japan Bio Methane Inc. (JBM)

Mirai Society Inc.

CIS Japan Business Consulting Inc.

GPSS Energy Product Inc.

Geoscience Enterprise Inc.

GPSS Taiwan Co., Ltd

2019 September

GPSS Holdings Inc. attains a 4-Star GRESB Rating

2019 June

Establishment of Sustainable Society Investment Management Inc. (SSIM)

2019 January

JHD enter into sales agency contract with Mavel

2018 October

Establishment of Japan Bio Methane Inc.

2018 August

Naruko Onsen ORC Power Plant, a geothermal power plant, commences selling electricity

2018 May

Establishment of Geoscience Enterprise Inc. (GSE)

2017 December

Establishment of Japan Hydro-Power Development Inc. (JHD)

Establishment of GPSS Energy Product Inc.

2017 June

Mirai Society Inc. is established.

2016 September

Establishment of Japan Wind-Power Service Inc. (JWS)

GDI enter into sales agency contract with Electra Therm

2016 June

Establishment of CIS Japan Business Consulting Inc.

2016 April

GDI enter into sales agency contract with TICA

2015 March

Establishment of Geothermal Development & Investment Inc. (GDI)

2013 August

Takaoka First Solar Power Plant, commences sale of electricity

2012 October

Establishment of Japan Megasolar Inc.